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»The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.«
Mahatma Gandhi, 1869 – 1948

As your pet crematorium,
we offer you

  • all required papers for the pet transport to the crematorium and a cremation in accordance with the European directive;
  • the transport of your pet in a special pet hearse, the first of its kind in Europe;
  • a proper cremation of your pet in a special, certified pet crematorium, a large choice of urn models made from various materials to choose from (over 700 models available);
  • pick up of urn to our office or if you like against upgrade, delivery to your home;
  • a certificate and documents of the cremation, guaranteeing a private cremation of your animal only;
  • help with choosing the urn and other products;
  • 3D glass engravings in memory of your pet;
  • gem burial (your pet's ashes are used to make a gem);
  • sympathy and understanding for the loss of your friend;
  • we offer the cremation of; dogs, cats, birds, various rodents ...

Make sure, trust alone is not enough.

Our guarantee

Based on personal experience, as longtime pet owners, we guarantee that our company will always treat your pet with respect and piety. On receiving the urn you will get a cremation certificate, guaranteeing 100 per cent the private cremation of your animal only.

Please, let us prove that the ash in question comes from your animal.

It is not only a matter of trust, but one of 100 per cent guarantee.